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Boulder Ridge accommodations in Great Falls, Montana are very flexible to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for an overnight stay, a weekend get-away to enjoy our hiking and water activities, or to stay for a week while enjoying what Great Falls and the surrounding area has to offer, you will be welcome, comfortable and accommodated at Boulder Ridge. Extended stay rates would apply.

The Boulder Ridge Resort is located along the banks of the Missouri River near Great Falls, Montana,

In the heart of Lewis and Clark Country. The structures at Boulder Ridge evolved out of one man’s love of rock houses, stones and large boulders. A simple idea for a stone house built into the earth, grew into this awesome three level stone house with indoor and outdoor granite rock water falls, an indoor rock climbing wall and circular granite sun room. The main construction of this building is done with Montana Granite as well as stones from around the world. Many of the stones have an interesting history so be sure to ask for a special “rock tour” of the grounds. Two sides of this building are built into the hillside for added heating/cooling efficiency. This building also houses a beautiful outdoor fountain waterfall which spans three stories flowing into the Missouri River. Inside, natural rock walls dominate the unique and compelling design.

Just a short walk down our private road takes you to the Boulder Ridge Park!

This private park is complete with trout pond and waterfall. Weddings at Boulder Ridge are held in this area with weddings either on the pier on the pond in the grassy meadow or up at the waterfall location. Picnic or stroll on the law, or get your hiking shoes on for a walk up our waterfall path. You can wind your way to the top along the streambed, or amble along the road with great views of the waterfalls and the Missouri River below. Remember, no matter which of our guest accommodations you choose for your stay, all of our amenities, anywhere on the property, are avlable to all our guests.

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